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The Coworking Weekly Show is BACK, with a 2 part show on leading during a crisis

3 minute read
by Alex Hillman

I hope you’re ready because in this epic two part show Adam and I grab a park bench near Indy Hall and talk about what REALLY happens when things suddenly aren’t going according to plan.

Part 1 – Birthdays and Bad News

How do you react in crisis? How do you let your members know something is wrong without inciting a riot or undermining trust?

Better yet…how can you share bad news in a way that BUILDS trust instead of tearing it apart?

Don’t let our playful banter about birthday at the beginning fool you, this stuff might actually help you save your community…and your business.

Make sure you keep listening to see how everything connects as we explore the specifics of how I’ve been navigating the perils of a crisis situation in a way that’s brought our community closer together, and helped me keep my sanity along the way.

The best time to learn how to deal with a crisis is before you need it, so this episode is NOT to be missed.

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Part 2 – My secret sauce for leading during a coworking crisis: “Systematizing Authenticity”

We ended Part 1 with a cliffhanger ending – you learned how I avoided a knee-jerk reaction that could send our community into a tailspin.

No, not that tailspin. More like this.

Part 2 picks up where we left off as we dive into the nitty gritty details of how we systematically collected our community’s thoughts through a series of Town Hall meetings, and then pivoted into action mode in a way that’s actually brought our community closer together…in spite of the painful change we were facing.

Important themes in part 2 of this convo include staying honest and authentic while communicating with your team and the rest of the community about the issue at hand.

[7:10] How we used Town Hall conversations to collect our community’s ideas and concerns.
[13:00] How to gain trustworthiness, and why it’s so important
[15:20] A slight diversion from the main topic: how do you communicate with your community when it feels like they’re just not listening to anything you say
[26:44] “Don’t throw your limited darts without planning and knowing where the dartboard even is.”

3 more public examples of how we execute transparency with our community

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You can mail me at [email protected] or tweet at me: @alexhillman

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I’m growing the team that makes this show happen! This episode is the first one that I didn’t produce myself, so say hello to my new producer Mike Mehalick. Say hi, Mike!

So here’s the scoop: Mike and I are working hard on a brand new production workflow this year so you’re going to be seeing new episodes of the show dropping MUCH more often (not like it’d be hard to drop new episodes more often than every 5 months). We’re gonna shoot for weekly and see how it lands. Lots of awesome stuff to come, I promise, and you don’t want to miss this.

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