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Podcast Appearances, Conference talks, and more.

Enjoy this collection of some of my favorite podcasts that I’ve appeared on.

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Reimagine Work with Paul Millerd

Very fun interview, we talked about everything from:

I especially enjoyed Paul’s “word association” game. It reminded me a bit of the recurring segment on Hot Ones called “Explain that ‘gram” where host Sean Evans takes a deep dive on the guests Instagram, shows them a picture that needs more explanation, and the guest provides the bigger context.

Building Remote Teams with Jevin Maltais

A rare angle in this interview with a heavy focus on the member experience, especially for remote employees!

We talked about about why coworking can be valuable even if you’re comfortable working from home, and some special strategies to improve your coworking experience for both introverts and extroverts.

Cognative Bias Podcast with David Dylan Thomas

Also available in video format!

Philly Who with Kevin Chemidlin

Streets Department with Conrad Benner

Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields

Happiness at Work with Sam Mednick

Virtual not Distant with Pilar Orti

Beautiful Struggle with Octavius A Newman

Hack the Process with M David Green

Strategic Storytelling with Cathy Goodwin