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Coworking Space Design Tips

Starting your own coworking space? Lemme help you.

“Open-plan offices were devised by Satan in the deepest caverns of hell” and other similar nonsense you might read about trends in the workplace

5 minute read

Oh look, open floorplan offices are under scrutiny again, this time by the Harvard Business review.

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6 reasons polished concrete is the worst kind of office flooring

9 minute read

When you imagine a coworking space - or any modern office space - there are a few visual and aesthetic trends that typically come to mind.

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EP8 – The [Literal] Art of Community

6 minute read

Who’s on your walls?No, not what. Who?

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Visual Cues for Better Coworking

2 minute read

We’ve done a lot of experimenting with desk layouts at Indy Hall.

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My Crash Course in Lighting Design for Coworking Spaces

11 minute read

For 9 years, we built the iconic and vibrant Indy Hall community and workspace on top of spaces that had been built for someone else. Those spaces had a lot of charm, but especially in our previous space, we spent a lot of time working to make the space work for us.

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Designing Coworking for Collaboration

3 minute read

Deskmag just published a piece about a Dutch incubator’s research project about physical proximity and collaboration. Among the things that stood out to me, these two sentences had the most tips for what was happening in space design as related to collaboration:

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“More Friendly”

1 minute read

This one is from the Coworking google group:

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