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“More Friendly”

1 minute read
by Alex Hillman

This one is from the Coworking google group:

“how do i make my coworking space a more friendly welcoming environment, it is already colourful and we have Graffiti , what else can we do?” Lots of natural light can help, but…

Friendliness comes from people, not graffiti on the walls. People feel welcomed by other people, not inanimate things.

Take a close look at every interaction you have with members and potential members. Every time members sit next to each other, every time someone takes a tour or visits for an event.

Who are they? What do they talk about? What do they care about? Do they help each other? Why or why not?

Does anybody listen to them when they have ideas or problems or do they stay isolated and quiet?

Are there common interests that they can bond over besides their work?

Do they care about each other or only themselves?

Does your workspace serve a higher purpose than renting desks? What bigger goal do people become a part of by working from your space?

Is there anything meaningful about the experience of working there, or is it just another graffiti-fied office?

“Friendly” isn’t something you can install. It’s part of the culture, which comes from the people that work there, the experience that they share, and leadership from you.

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