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Indy Hall is hiring for a very special role

3 minute read
by Alex Hillman

UPDATE: Applications are currently closed.

Wanna spend your days surrounded by Philly’s smartest, friendliest, creative problem solvers?

Our community members work in a wide variety of industries, and often at the intersection of creativity, independent work, and making Philadelphia a better place.

And we’re looking for a new teammate to join our core team!

Are you…

  • A self-starter? We’re looking for someone who’s going to look for things that need doing, and do them. Someone who’s going to spot problems, and find ways to fix them.

  • A people person? You’ll be meeting new people every day and learning about who they are and what they do, welcoming them to our community and helping them get comfortable. You will become a go-to person for people with ideas and questions throughout the day. You won’t need to know everything, but you’ll know who to go to to find out. You’ll also be giving new visitors and members tours around the space, and getting them acquainted and acclimated.

  • An organized person? Every single day at Indy Hall is a little bit different. Some days are a LOT different. There are some routine daily tasks but many days, you’ll need to be able to plan out your own schedule.

  • A good communicator? Written and spoken communication is super, super important. 90% of the work we do at Indy Hall is talking with people, listening, and understanding…and then working together to put good ideas into action.

Working at Indy Hall comes with nearly endless experiences to learn and practice valuable professional skills, ranging from operations & management, communications & community building, and business & civic engagement.

Yes, you will have a checklist of operational tasks that need to be done day-to-day. Every day at Indy Hall is a little bit different, with unique opportunities and challenges for you to tackle.

You’ll also have the freedom to make Indy Hall better every day. To see your ideas in action.

But the big difference between working for Indy Hall and working anywhere else is that you’re expected to explore the many ways that our community members work. How they use their skills, creativity, curiosity, and interests to get paid.

Our ideal crew-mate is someone who want’s to do their own thing their own way – just like the members of Indy Hall – but isn’t quite sure how to get there on their own.

Indy Hall embraces diversity and equal opportunity as core to our values. We warmly welcome applications from individuals of any and all gender and sexual identities; racial and ethnic backgrounds; experience and education levels.

So ask yourself: “What do I want to do next with my career?”

If your answer is “I’m not entirely sure, but I’m pretty sure that Indy Hall is the kind of place where I want to figure out what I _really want to do”_, you should definitely apply below.

Nota bene:

  • This is a paid position.
  • We are looking for someone who is available between 9am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, but part time applications will be considered.
  • We have no minimum requirements in education or industry experience.
  • We have minimum requirements of passion for the City of Philadelphia, an understanding of the values and virtues of our community, and an aptitude for JFDI.
  • We expect all applicants to read, understand, and agree to our Community Code of Conduct.

UPDATE: Applications are currently closed.

And if you know someone who you think would love this kind of work, please share this post! Thanks 🙂

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