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The OFFICIAL Indy Hall #newhome calendar!

3 minute read
by Alex Hillman

Even though we’ve been working on this move for over a year, and even though construction has been going on for a couple of months, it didn’t really feel real until we put together this calendar to help us keep track of the next few weeks.

moving calendar Click to zoom in!

It’s up on the wall near the front door in the gallery, and we’ll be keeping it updated as well as online updates. But the big one for today is to save some dates!

Save these dates now!

→ First Town Hall in the new space Thursday August 4th


Thursday August 4th, 6-7:30pm at the new space. We’ll have food and drinks! (please RSVP), you can get a first peek at the new space, and we’ll open a conversation about the possibilities and goals ahead.

This Town Hall (like all Town Halls) is open to members and friends, just RSVP so we have a headcount to plan for!

This event WILL be livestreamed and recorded for people who can’t physically attend – including a virtual tour of the new space – but we’ll also be talking about things on the horizon that have nothing to do with the new space.

So RSVP to tune in or attend in person, and please spread the word 🙂

→ Moving Parade – Friday August 19

Yup, that’s right a parade. Imagine music, food, and festivities as we stroll down the street carrying boxes and desks. Anybody know a marching band that could lead us?


More on this at Town Hall 🙂

→ First day working in the new space! – Monday, August 22nd.

Feeling “moved in” is going to take longer than a weekend, have the most important parts set up:

Desks, chairs, power, internet. Coffee. And most importantly, each other!

This is a Monday to look forward to.


One more thing…

As we prep for next week’s Town Hall (please don’t forget to RSVP!) we’re also putting together the answers to two important questions that I’ve been asked and haven’t had perfect answers for.

1 – “How do I get mail delivered to the new space? Where/how am I supposed to change my address?”

2 – “How will I get into the building? Will we need keys and how will that work? What about visitors?”

Be on the look out for answers to BOTH of these questions in the coming days…

Silence is the silent killer

As always – my “door” is always open for conversations and problem solving. If anything is on your mind, please don’t hesitate to come talk to me or Adam or Sam or Sean or even each other.

Something you’re pumped about? Come tell us so we can make sure to include you as much as possible!

Something you’re worried about? Come share with us so we can think about how to make it better together.

Because that’s the thing that makes Indy Hall tick. This community has always been making things better and doing it together. I don’t have ANY illusions that we’re perfect, so the thing I’m 100% committed to is working together to improve.

Ya dig?

And thank you. For your precious attention, for your thoughtful and talented contributions, and for your spirit of optimism that whatever we do together would be better than doing it alone.

Thats’ what we’re all about. <3


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