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Indy Hall finally has an OFFICIAL move-in date

3 minute read
by Alex Hillman


It feels like I’ve been waiting a lonnnnnnnnng time to finally be able to say a specific move date.

August 19th is almost exactly 1 month from today. Yes, that’s soon…but it’s also ample time for us to accomplish a lot.

Another important date is Thursday, August 4th. That’s when we’re hosting the first Town Hall meeting in the new space (also to be livestreamed online). Please let us know that you’re coming and RSVP on Facebook!

Please MARK YOUR CALENDARS for BOTH of those dates right now!

  • Thursday August 4th – Town Hall at the #newhome! (RSVP)
  • Friday August 19th – Moving weekend begins!

Please take note that for the move, we’ll be closed for normal work on Friday, August 19th and when we re-open on Monday August 22nd, we’ll be in our new home at 399 Market Street.

We’ll still have work to do to make the space feel like home, of course, but the goal is to time everything so that the transition itself is functionally as seamless as possible.

Uh oh, date conflict?

If I could choose another time of year to do this, I would. I know that people have summer vacation travel plans, as well as work and personal commitments that might conflict with these dates.

If that’s you – don’t sweat it, but please do let us know ahead of time especially if you’re a full time member.

There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in the move before and after, and if you want to be a part of making our new home awesome we can keep you posted on things that fit your schedule better.

Still haven’t seen the new spot?

You should come to Town Hall on August 4th since it’s the first time we’ll come together as a community in the new spot. But if you want to go over sooner, I’m over there every day often multiple times a day, so I’m happy to take you on a tour. Just say the word – DM me on Slack or email me directly ([email protected])

So….what comes next?

Now that we have a date… the vague details that have been hanging out will be a lot easier to make concrete, and to put them on a timeline and in the right order.

As important as the date itself, there’s a lot we can (and should) do BEFORE the move-in date.

We’re in the process of organizing an big ass to-do, and will share that in the next day or so. More eyes on that list will help us ensure we don’t forget something important.

We’ll also be looking for input on creative projects to help the new space feel like home. There will be lots of fun to be had before, during, and after the move.

I’m even thinking about a few ways to make the Friday move itself into a fun event…more on that at Town Hall 🙂

So yes. things are going to start moving fast, but lots of decisions are still wide open and communication will be a lot more frequent! So please talk to me, Adam, Sam or Sean if you have ideas or questions.

Also, if anything seems off, weird, or wrong to you…please come talk to me ASAP. I’m definitely not perfect and I’m not ashamed to say I made a mistake, and I care more about doing right by the community than anything else.

Don’t forget to RSVP for Town Hall!

You’ll probably get sick of me mentioning it, but please please please RSVP for and spread the word about the August 4th Town Hall!

On a more personal note – I’d be a basketcase right now if I didn’t have this community amazing to back me up throughout this process. The support you’ve shown me and each other mean so, so much, and has me so excited to work together to make this new location our own.

<3 <3 and gratitude,


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