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online, offline, or both?

2 minute read
by Alex Hillman

Email and texts and chat. Skype and Google Hangouts. Apple’s FaceTime works even if I’m not connected to wifi. Technology does seem to be everywhere, and helping us “be” in more places.

But when we announced the People at Work Summit as the first online conference about coworking and the future of work, I got this email among the first registrations:

Liz's Trice's Email

Liz’s email reminded me that the best use of online tools is to get people together offline.

We chose to host the Summit online so that more people could experience their first coworking conference without the cost and time of traveling…but also so we could spark people to bring those conversations to their local communities.

Liz’s suggestion to bake it directly into the event – to make it easy for people like Liz to bring their community together – is perfectly in the spirit of what this conference is all about.

And how cool would it be to have a map that shows all of the local communities that are coming together to participate in the Summit?

Let me show you how cool…

Are you on the map?

Yeah. That cool.

So here’s where you come in. The big event is less than a month away on (April 21st!), and now is a great time for you to get your community on the map and help turn this into a seriously globally connected event, online and offline. And being a Cohost is a great way to bring your local community together for for an series of inspiring and thought-provoking conversations.

Naturally, we’re cohosting a group of members and friends at Indy Hall. And over a dozen other communities have already signed on… and more are joining every day.

Maybe best of all, it’s an opportunity for us to get to know you, too, as we get closer to the day of the event!

Wanna get on the map? All you need to do is sign up to be a People at Work Summit Cohost. It’s free to be a Cohost, and if you get at least 5 people to register you’ll get your ticket to the Summit for free as well!

As a Cohost, you’ll get a special link that you can share with your local community to save on their ticket to the event, and for every 5 people who sign up using your link, you’ll get a free ticket for yourself, for your team, or even to give away as a thank you to your community.

And of course, you are on the map!

All of the details about what’s expected and how it works are on this page, so take a peek and sign yourself up.

Have questions about what it takes to be a Cohost, or the People at Work Summit itself? Drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email: [email protected]

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