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Listen to The Coworking Weekly Show! Here are the first 3 episodes.

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by Alex Hillman

I’ve been working on something new for you!

People tell me all the time how valuable it is when I’m able to expand the lessons that I share about coworking, community building, and collaboration, and go beyond my own perspective.

I’m lucky enough to have some really, REALLY smart friends who inspire the crap out of me, and I take a lot of pride in the fact that I can point to them as examples when I’m helping people like you.

And while I can (and will) keep telling these amazing people’s stories…wouldn’t it be even more awesome if I could invite some of those people to tell their own stories, in their own words, to you?

I thought so too!

Now you can expand your mind with lessons, stories, how-tos about coworking, community, collaboration, and culture in a PODCAST form called The Coworking Weekly Show!

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The early reviews are in…

“Having those concrete examples of what you’re doing really helped illustrate the principles we need to improve on here. It all led to a great conversation and some practical ideas moving forward.”

“…almost every answer gave me inspiration for a small or big change here in my space.”

“I realized as I was listening that this advise totally applies to my poetry workshops as I’ve struggled with the same issue. This is very helpful!”

And that’s just the beginning!

“I picked up inspiring ideas or tricks but, most importantly, I found that the depth of some of the exchanges helped me reflect on what brought me – personally – to this initiative of trying to create a coworking community in Georgia.”

By the way, that’s Georgia the country…did you know that there’s coworking there now? How rad is that!?

Ready to listen?

I’ve embedded the first 3 episodes below, along with the show notes for each one. Once you’ve listened, I’d love to know what you think!

Session 1 – “Who runs a Coworking Space? What the heck do they do?”

Apologies in advance for the less than perfect audio quality in this first session. I got a better microphone the day after I recorded it!

The very first episode was inspired by the popularity of my recent post about how to describe coworking to people who’ve never heard of it. In just a few weeks, that post has already been shared several hundreds of times, so I thought you might like it if I went deeper into the topic of how you can talk about coworking.

So I invited part of the tiny-but-powerful team that works with me to run Indy Hall to describe how HE makes sure that our members and visitors understand coworking, and share a bit about how he works on a day-to-day basis.

Also, if you’ve been hired to run a coworking space, pay extra close attention to Session 1. 

Adam’s stories are from the trenches, including how he explains his work to his parents and even how and why he took the job.

This dude’s aptitude for community building is exceptional, and he sees from a unique perspective because unlike me Adam isn’t the “founder” of a coworking space. We even talk about how he uses this non-founder perspective as an advantage.

This first session is a brief 35 minutes long, and was a boatload of fun to record. Click below to listen!

Session 2 – Sooooooo….how do you get members for your coworking community? #AskCoworkingWeekly

In this super-fast 10 minute session, I’ll answer the NUMBER ONE question that I’ve gotten over and over and over….

Episode two is an experiment, a mini-episode where I focus on a single question that I’ve gotten from a Coworking Weekly subscriber. Then in plain english, I’ll give an answer. Simple, right?

If you love this episode, let me know and send me your best questions. If I get really good questions, I’ll keep doing #askcoworkingweekly mini-episodes!

Session 3 – “On the Stack” with Alex Hillman & Vanessa Gennarelli

Session 3 is here! I invited my friend Vanessa Gennarelli to join me for a new recurring segment that we’re calling “The Stack”. Vanessa is a community builder of a special sort: she works specifically on learning communities, and is trained as a researcher in the field.

What does that mean for you, though? In “The Stack”, I choose 3 topics that are related to community building and coworking…though the connections might not be obvious at first. As you listen to this candid conversation, you’ll get a glimpse into how Vanessa and I – two community professionals in VERY different fields – connect the dots, solve problems, and observe the world around us.

On The Stack for this session:

  • Accreditation (wtf is that)?
  • How we create goals
  • Open governance

I promise you this: you’re absolutely, positively going to have your worldview expanded. Guaranteed, or your money back!

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