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Technically Philly Q&A

2 minute read
by Alex Hillman

If I had to pick the lead-in to be used on every piece of press I get from today until the day I die, it’d be the lead-in that Chris Wink wrote for my Q&A on this past Friday’s edition of Technically Philly.

Alex Hillman partied last night. TP’s been keeping track of my antics for their entire lifespan. Geoff has said, “Technically Philly is our Rolling Stone” and I couldn’t agree more. Fact is, I’m beyond thankful for ALL of the press that’s helped tell my stories over my entire career. But TechnicallyPhilly’s coverage continues to be the most meaningful coverage to me.

After 50 posts during the lifetime of TechnicallyPhilly, Wink and I shared an hour talking about the past, present, and future as TechnicallyPhilly posted numero 51, a look at my worldview of Philadelphia these days.

Some choice pullquotes:

People in Indy Hall have stepped up into roles in Indy Hall and elsewhere. What’s interesting about creating a place where the services are not the core function is that it’s a blank canvas to do whatever you want to make of it. That creates a self-selecting group of people who aren’t going to wait for other people. It’s a pretty powerful engine.

I haven’t been counting lineage, but we’re finding leaders training and mentoring new leaders…. All these people who were coming together or getting closer four years ago are still here making Philadelphia a better place.

We’re still doing it our way. The DIY way and we have the ‘just get it done attitude.’ I’m proud of it.

You talked about Philadelphia needing to outpace other cities, when really, I want Philadelphia to out-last other cities.

As communities scale, fragmentation is not a bad thing.

Indy Hall, in four years, will touch more people’s lives. I don’t know what that means yet.

Philadelphia will always be home, but I know my future will involve being somewhere else for some time.

I have fallen in love with Philadelphia. I didn’t love it four years ago. I liked it enough to give it a shot, but now I genuinely love being here.

Read the whole she-bang on TP.

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