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Not Your Typical Coworking Facility

1 minute read
by Alex Hillman

Nerd Fort isn’t your typical coworking facility. We don’t rent out desks daily or hourly to whoever wanders in. We lease space on amonthly basis to good people, and focus on building a vibrant, active, helpful community. Of nerds. The fact that this group in  self-identifies with a description of what was once the foundation of every new coworking space as atypical is simultaneously gratifying and disappointing. Gratifying because someone knows the difference and is communicating it, disappointing because there’s even a difference to communicate.

We work really hard to continually identify the uniquely valuable elements of coworking through our work with Indy Hall, and keep coming back to the elements of identity that Nerd Fort wears on their sleeve. They’re the values that our members embody and identify with, and in large part keep us laser focused on how we contribute and grow.

That’s not to say that “typical coworking facilities” don’t provide value, but they aren’t providing unique value. Or thick value.

They’re missing out on the fundamental elements that make authentic coworking uniquely valuable, disruptive, and deserving of the hype they’re riding on.

It’s the difference between a filet mignon and a McDonalds hamburger.  There’s a Mickey D’s in every strip mall, but far fewer places to get an amazing steak dinner.

Kudos go to Nerd Fort for being self-aware enough to know the difference.

We need to work harder to reclaim “typical coworking” from the fast food versions of ourselves.

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