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Important! – Membership Drive for Monday March 9th: IndyHall v2.0

4 minute read
by Alex Hillman

As you may have heard by now, we’re considering moving IndyHall into a new, larger office on the other side of Market Street, 20-22 N. 3rd St.

Geoff and I called a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, and had lots of positive response.

If you haven’t seen yet, some of those responses are posted online:

Now What?

What we need now is commitment from the community that we embrace, encourage, empower, and completely love.

Much like the membership drive we held in August of 2007 to open 32 Strawberry Street, we’re looking for member commitment to help us verify the sustainability of a move into this new office.

We’re turning to three core audiences:

  • Our Current Membership
  • Our Waiting List
  • The Extended IndyHall Community

We’ve already contacted our current membership, and are working with our waiting list to manage upgrades and new members that have been waiting patiently for news about our expansion.

We’re looking to the phenomenal community of businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, startups, telecommuters and remote workers in Philadelphia, the people we consider the extended IndyHall Community, for their interest as well.

Open Membership

In fact, membership is re-opening at all levels immediately, and will become active on May 1st.

Now, what we need from you.

We’re looking for folks who haven’t had a chance to come meet the IndyHall community and experience our work environment now. If you’ve never worked at IndyHall, we’re certain that working here for a day will help you determine if this alternative office is the right thing for you. Normally, its $25/day for non-members to work here. For a limited time, we’ll be offering free dropin days for visitors who sign up for multiple months at any level of membership.

Space is limited, so you must reserve a desk in order to take advantage of this offer. You can contact us for information on how to make a reservation.

Not familiar with how IndyHall works? This website is admittedly outdated and needs a refresh. Our bad. More on that coming.

In the mean time, Full Time IndyHall member Jonny Goldstein put together this excellent video to explain who we are, what we do, and how it works.

Please don’t hurt yourselves

What we’re NOT looking for is for you to overextend yourself. Our decision is based on how sustainable this move is, so if your upgraded membership is not sustainable, it’s misrepresentative of the entire goal.

At the same time, if you have the ability to pre-pay for any number of months beyond the usual month-to-month commitment we offer to IndyHall, that will also help us plan for this move and have some cash in the bank to work with. While we haven’t decided to raise our membership rates, if you have the ability to pay ahead, we’ll honor that rate for the duration of your pre-payment.

Whatever upgrades we’re taking will go into effect on May 1st, which is our proposed move-in day for the new office.

Deadlines. Comin’ up fast.

This is going to happen very, very quickly:
Geoff and I are going to be making our decisions based on how many commitments are made between now and End of Day on Monday, March 9th.

Yes. That’s this upcoming Monday.

Finally, and maybe most importantly: you are our front lines recruiters. Nearly everyone who works at IndyHall was referred by somebody other than myself, which is what makes this community so strong. If you have friends, colleagues, business partners, etc that you think would benefit from working at IndyHall, let them know that we’re looking for new members to join our community. Encourage them to come work at IndyHall soon for a day and see if they like it. If you’ve got questions about how to go about this, please drop us a line. Share Jonny’s video above. Let them know about the free drop in days (and that they have to reserve!).

Thanks for enduring this lengthy post, and for your ongoing support of IndyHall. If you have questions, or simply want to let us know what you’d like to do, our door is open and so is our inbox.

Thank you so, so much. This is so much excitement, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

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