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Catch me if you can

3 minute read
by Alex Hillman

Somehow, the month of September has gotten pretty nuts, and it hasn’t even begun yet. Since some of you follow me, you may be interested in my whereabouts. So here’s the plan:

August 31st: IndyHall Birthday Blast

This one’s a year in the making. If you’re on or near the eastern seaboard, you should probably check this out. Sponsorships are still available, too.

Sept 4th-9th: @amyhoy and @madrobby get hitched

I’m flying to Vienna, where I’ve never been, to enjoy the company of two very good friends wedding. I will also hopefully have some time to tool around Vienna. Are you nearby? Perhaps we can meet up. Vienna twitter meetup while I’m in town? That’d be badass.

Sept 12th: I’m going to the dentist

This wouldn’t be worth announcing except you can be sure that I’ll be tweeting from the dentists chair. Last time I did that, the tweet ended up getting printed in the Orlando Sentinal. Lets see if I can get some national press this time.

Sept 16-18th: Web2Expo/Web2Open in NYC

I anticipate that I’m going to be sharing a presentation about coworking in the Web2Open with some of the NY Coworking champions. I’ll also be tooling around the conference and catching presies from some of the folks in the industry that inspire me the most. Interested in joining me? My friend Janetti hooked me up with some coupons for $100 off. Just use the code: webny08bd24. Look out for my name on the Web2Open grid, as well.

Sept 19th-21st: BlogWorldExpo

Leaving (possibly straight from) New York, I’m heading to Vegas for a reprise presentation with my buddy Jake “community guy” McKee. Jake previously was the community development manager for LEGO (how cool is that!), and last year we shared the stage at a pre-conference session at BlogWorld hosted by B5 Media about our community building efforts.

This year we were asked to return, and this time, as part of the conference’s “Bleeding Edge” track. I’m stoked about this event as it was a great time, and I made some fantastic connections.

Plus, I get to hang out with the B5 crew (read, Darcie) which always rocks.

I also want to give a major shout out to conference co-organizer Rick Calvert for helping Jake and I through a potentially confusing situation that may have comprimised our ability to attend. Without getting into details, Rick went above and beyond, and I can’t thank him enough for being such a rock star. I hope to bring that same degree of rockstar, and then some, to our presentation in Vegas.

Catch us on Saturday, 9/20 from 12:15-1:15. Our session title is: “Taking Smart Risks with your Online Personality”

“Blogging opens endless doors for exposure and growth of your identity and your brand. But someone has to forge the path to determine what might constitute too much exposure. Jake and Alex talk about some examples of openness and identity online and share some tips and examples of taking the smart risks when blurring the line between your work and your life” I have discount codes available for up to 5 other registrants, 20% off. Leave me a comment or contact me if you are interested.

September 25-28th: BlogOrlando

Back for only a few days, and then back out the door again: this time, to BlogOrlando! Also a reprise event for me, Josh Hallett asked me to return and to run a session about keeping endurance in community-powered initatives. I had a BLAST at this last year, and was totally blown away by the Orlando scene. Looking forward to seeing a lot of friends again, and some crazy shenanigans with Alex Rudloff. If there are universal bucks to be had, we’ll be sure to make the most of them.

Some sort of hibernation

Holy crap. I’m tired just thinking about this. Plus, I’ve got client work along the way.

I hope to see many of you at these events, and have lots to bring back and write about on the other side.

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