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Growth and Change

3 minute read
by Alex Hillman

As one project I’m most passionate about approaches it’s 1st birthday, and another mission I set out on skims past 4 months since it’s inception, I’ve come to some realizations and the teams from both businesses and I made some tough decisions.

Ultimately, this was the result of us doing some introspection and deciding where our goals were. We got lucky, and our goals allowed us to work together in deciding how the two businesses would grow.

The notes below compiled by myself, Geoff DiMasi, and Bart Mroz explains the steps that we’ve taken.

Recognizing that growth and change are a natural part of any organization and knowing how to react to those changes is one of the greatest challenges for a company of any size.

Indy Hall has grown and changed at a rapid pace in this past year and half. As the community has grown, the business and operations have morphed and changed along with it. This agility remains one of our key strengths.

One of the scenarios that we anticipated was a startup (or better, multiple startups) forming within the members of our community. A number of these opportunities have, in fact, materialized.

One of them became known as Round3Media, formed by IndyHall board members Alex Hillman and Bart Mroz, along with Ken Rossi. It was initially created to help aid business process between some of the collaboration that was already happening with the members. As that business grew, focus shifted, and the overlapping founders of Round3Media and IndyHall sat down to discuss that growth.

The only way for both of these organizations to thrive is for each of their leaderships to stay focused. It is for that reason that Alex Hillman has stepped down as a partner of Round3Media, LLC. Similarly, Bart Mroz has stepped down as a board member of Independents Hall, LLC

Respectively, Alex will remain a consultant to the Round3 team, and Bart will remain a full time member of IndyHall.

This decoupling of the businesses is for maintaining the the strength and focus of each organization, and for removing potential conflicts of interest as one business resides within the walls of the other. 

We look forward to both of these operations growing and continuing to add to the success stories of the Philadelphia creative and startup community.

I consider myself lucky to have such wonderful business partners that this potentially sticky situation ended up working out to all of our benefits: we get to continue working with our greatest passions.

And, as I’ve said before, I do it all for the love of the game.

Moving forward

I remain wholly dedicated to IndyHall and it’s community, the city of Philadelphia, and the spirit of innovation and creativity in our community and any other communities that I touch.

While continuing on the path we’ve set out on with IndyHall, the Philadelphia community, and our own set of goals, I’m also returning to the life of an independent (rather than the co-owner of two businesses) and beginning to contract my services as a social business strategy advisor and social marketing consultant. I hope to blend my historical experiences in technology, my interests in the web, and my passions for community in a blend that brings unique opportunities for my clients and projects.

I’m already working with a couple of local startups, and am actively pursuing opportunities that fit my interests as well as the best interests of the company I contract with. Additionally, I’m interested in more writing and speaking engagements on the topics that many of you have expressed enjoyment in reading about here on my blog.

Thank you all for your continuing support. I’m truly thrilled to be at this point in my life and be surrounded by great friends, business partners, and immense opportunities.

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