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July Philadelphia Creative/Events

4 minute read
by Alex Hillman

Now that we’ve wrapped on BlogPhiladelphia, it doesn’t end. Not even close.

There’s 4 events on MY calendar for the next 2 weeks, but there are even more beyond that. If you want me to add your event to the post, drop it in the comments.

Panma Summer Party - Thursday July 19th @ 6-9pm

Every year at Rock Lobster on Delaware Ave, PANMA (Philadelphia Area New Media Association) has a big throwdown. I’ve never been, but I have been to Rock Lobster and it’s a fun venue. This event will host people from a long line of creative/new media/marketing/tech folks in Philadelphia, so it’d behoove you to make it out and meet up. Besides, PANMA board members hang out with Indyhall all the time, we should go support them. The event is free, but they ask for pre-registration. - Friday July 20th @ 8-9:30am

update: address fix. please use the linked to/provided address below. The latest incarnation of our regular semi-social meetup groups, LikeMinds is a chance to come get coffee and talk with some industry folks before you start your work day. It’s going to be hosted at Benna’s Cafe, 1236 Wharton Street1236 S 8th St, Philadelphia. Geoff and I will be there for the duration, we’d love for you to stop by! This will be a monthly event, so be sure to help us set a good precedent.

edit: Roz pointed out that this is a great opportunity to share in the hangover from the night before @ the PANMA party. So come commiserate over a cup of coffee, if nothing else. 🙂

Blogger Meetup - Saturday July 21th @ 3-5pm

Thanks to Owen for the reminder: Once a month we get together and chat about blogstuff, web stuff, geek stuff…doesn’t really matter, since we all blog. As Owen said, this one’s definately social but another great chance to meet local bloggers if you missed BlogPhiladelphia. RSVP at

Purple Cow Brainstorming Circle - Tuesday July 24th @ 6-9pm

Monthly, the Purple Cows (that’s Seth Godin speak, for those who missed my previous post) have a brainstorming circle. This is kinda like a rapid-fire barcamp. The model goes like this:

You get 3 minutes to pitch an idea. Any idea. This isn’t just tech stuff, it can really be anything. At the end of 3 minutes you give 3 things you need to realize the idea, and 3 things you have to offer to it. Follow up with 3 minutes Q&A. So in ~7 minutes, you’re ready to move onto the next idea. Its fun, efficient, and a great way to inspire and be inspired.

The next one is at Joe’s Coffee Bar, – a socially-responsible business participating in the “Buy Local Philly” campaign. RSVP on the wiki.

Junto - Thursday July 26th @ 6-10pm

Another monthly event held at P’unk Avenue. Born out of the pages of a history book, Benjamin Franklin created the Junto as an opportunity to bring everyone from the common man to the aristocrat together to share ideas, interests, and goals with the understanding that you can better yourself by bettering the community, and vice versa. Our Junto follows those goals, but updates it to current times and puts a focus on creativity in the community. Each month we have a different “keynote” topic or presentation, and from there it’s open forum for discussion and industry chat. Rumor has it that the Junto format wants to be a barcamp when he grows up. P’unk Ave chips in beers and tomato pie, feel free to bring other snacks or a favorite drink/mixers if you would like. We’re not quite a happy hour, but we’re not all business, either. You can sign up on the site to get notifications for this event.

Cream Cheese Session - Friday July 27th @ 9am-5pm

Every other Friday the members of Independents Hall come together for a coworking session. Since we don’t have our own space (yet), we move all over the city. The location of this next one has not been locked in yet, though I will announce it as soon as possible. To catch those announcements (and anything else about Independents Hall) be sure to subscribe to our list.

And much, much more to come. This is 5 events in 14 days, and its just the events that I’m going to. I’m currently working on a method for publishing all of them and building a community out of the roots planted by BlogPhiladelphia and many other events. I’ll announce the launch of that VERY soon. In the mean time, keep your eyes trained here!

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