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2 minute read
by Alex Hillman

The last 2 months have WHIZZED by. I remember on May 1st when Brian Oberkirch emailed me and said,

“Alex: I thought you might want to tell some of your pals about this.”

By “this”, he meant a social media “unconference” being organized by GPTMC.

I immediately tracked down the organizer, Annie Heckenberger, and offered my assistance in any capacity. Next thing I knew, I was attending planning sessions, discussion how to make the event greener, planning a social event…oh man, what did I get myself into?

Now, 2 months and change later..we’ve got well over 200 attendees signed up, some incredible social media leaders slated to be in attendance and leading/presenting, and some awesome night events.

For those of you playing along (that is, planning on being in attendance), some notes:

The schedule, it’s all here :-):

The open grid thing: I’ll be giving a presentation after lunch about how this will go down, and why we’re doing it. If you’re interested in leading or presenting during an open grid portion and havent talked to me already, email me at this domain (no www or dotcom) at Make sure you catch my intro though, it will be good.

Social Events:
Tonight @ P’unk Avenue for a pre-event warm up with out of town guests.
Thursday Night at Triumph Brewery, 2nd and Chestnut for the big throwdown. We’re doing a microsponsorship of the bar tab. How does that work?

Triumph is donating pass around appetizers, but running a cash bar. So to maximize the “having fun” factor of a cash bar, we’re going to be allowing ANYONE to sponsor a bar tab as big or small as they like. This tab will be applied for the group when the previous tab runs out…and if all goes well, nobody should end up paying for their OWN drink for the whole night. It’s the equivalent of “a round for the bar on me!” As a thank you, we’ll send out your or your business name over Twitter, immortalizing your contribution on the interweb!

To kick things off, Independents Hall will be throwing in a $500 tab. Interested in joining us for the first couple of rounds? Find me at the event!

Also, I won’t be liveblogging or anything like that. I’ll send out twitter updates when things get interesting, most likely, but want to make sure my focus is on the event and making sure that I and everyone else gets the most out of this awesome venue for exchange.

MANY MANY thanks to Annie and her team at GPTMC for ALL of their hard work on this event, and for listening to my purist, grassroots banter :-). I’m so excited for this event and can’t wait to see how it leads Philadelphia to the next level.


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