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Community Engagement

Tips and advice for creating community experiences that encourage participation and a sense of ownership.

To build a strong community, stop “community managing”, be a Tummler instead.

28 Apr 2014

I can’t stand the title “community manager“. I’m not a community manager. I never have not never will hire a community manager.

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How to design community building events that people will love and remember

04 Feb 2014

A community builder’s and work is a sequence of events. How can you be sure that the events that you organize stand out?

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“What is a community, really? How do you know that you have it?”

18 Dec 2017

I’ll start by saying what community is not. 

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Who is your coworking space for?

03 Nov 2015

I don’t know how he does it. Seth Godin’s daily (!?) blog is sort of like a fortune cookie in that his posts are generally short, but also perfectly timed to something happening in your world.

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