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Beyond the buzzword, my take is that community is all about creating experiences where people feel trusted, safe, & supported.

This collection includes my full back catalog of articles about exactly how to start, grow, and nurture a thriving community.

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Illadelph’ Representin’

07 Mar 2007

Are you a Philadelphian traveling to Austin this weekend like I am?

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Barcamp of 1727

06 Mar 2007

How cool is this: Last night I met with the guys at P’unk Ave about some potential coworking opportunities, as well as other community outreach exercises.

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independents hall: more than just a rant this time.

27 Feb 2007

alright. so ive done my fair share of shouting about coworking. It’s time i got down to tacks (?) and start outlined my intentions.

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recruiters that “get it”

07 Nov 2006

I’m admittedly not a big fan of recruiting agencies/head hunters. I was pleasantly surprised when I met MaryHelen Votral and the CM Access crew back in September at Creative Camp and saw a completely different kind of recruitment process.

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c’mon philly!

10 Oct 2006

i wrote about philly pride almost a month ago, and apparently I’m not the only one experiencing it.

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philly pride: i’m ready to swallow mine, how about you?

19 Sep 2006

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