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Hi, I’m Alex.

I build communities, started one of the longest running coworking communities in the world, write a crapload of words every day, tweet a little too much, coach people to be the best version of themselves possible, can't stop learning new things, and do my very best not to take myself too seriously.

I have one goal: to fill the world with truly excellent collaborators so we can all work together, better.

Because let's be honest...most of us aren't very good at it.

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Recommended Reading for Community Leaders

When you need to learn more about coworking, communities & collaboration, you start to notice that it’s difficult find signal amongst the noise. There’s a lot of punditry and opinion among a mixed set of industries, from marketing & social media, to online and offline communities, to civic & economic growth, to urban development & more. It’s a mess!

Instead of having to stumble around in the dark, I’ve long wished for a place to go to find essays, books, videos, and even academic source about community building, design thinking, collaboration, business, & leadership.

Below is my version of resource that I’ve compiled for myself over the years, which I’m happy to share with you for free.

Essays and Blog Posts

Business & Marketing

Community Development


Core Values

Interaction Design

Strategy & Innovation

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Some of my favorite books

Scholarly Research

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