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Coworking Operations

Tips and advice to get your coworking space running smoothly, so you can focus more on the people!

How to get the best insurance for your coworking space

11 Mar 2015

Insurance. A service you pay for that you literally hope you never need to use.

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How to Automate your Coworking Space, and Why

20 Jun 2011

I’ve noticed an increase in interest in systems like “swipe card entry” for coworking spaces, both from the perspective of security and automated billing. In a recent thread on the coworking google group, I mused:

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6 automated workflows that make our coworking space better every day

30 Jan 2015

Thanks to Zapier + Trello, these workflows will improve our communication, keep things running smoothly, and make eeeeverybody happy.

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The Neighborhood Watch Method for Coworking Space Security

23 Jul 2014

Have you ever thought about how sending a message of “I don’t trust you” can actually make some kinds of problems MORE likely, not less?

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Do’s and Dont’s for photos of coworking.

13 Jun 2014

What’s missing from this picture of a coworking space?

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