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📺 Watch the Global Coworking Diaries

A Pan-Regional Look at the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presented by Indy Hall (USA) and Spacecubed (Australia).

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While the impact of COVI19 is terrible in many ways, this rare global event is also showing us how connected we all really are.

So Kali Norman from Spacecubed and I decided to talk with coworking leaders from around the planet to find out exactly how the experience of running a coworking space during a global pandemic are similar and different in each of our respective cities and communities.

Snapshots from an unusual time

One of the most confusing parts about how this virus is spreading is that different places are being impacted in similar ways but on different timelines. Some regions are responding swiftly. Others slowly.

The responses are different, and so the “new normals” that we will create will also be different. But still, there are things we can each learn from how different parts of the world work together to keep their communities safe.

So in addition to the initial interview, our 11 coworking leaders they agreed to let us check back in with them once a month for however long this situation continues to impact the world.

In our first round of interviews we asked these founders to answer questions including:

And then we edited their answers down into episodic videos to give you a sense of what’s happening in various corners of the globe.

The first set of interviews contained SO many insights, so we decided to break it into two videos!

The first chapter is live below. If you would like to be notified when the next chapter is available to watch, drop your email in the box down below.

Watch Chapter 1: Living in Lockdown

Meet the global “cast” of coworking community founders who are coping with the ripple effects of the COVID19 virus, and how it feels from their personal point of view.

This first video was recorded during the first few weeks of the Coronavirus outbreak, in April 2020.

Special thanks to our coworking leaders who agreed to be a part of this project:

And of course, big thanks to my friend and collaborator Kali Norman for kicking off this very inspirational idea!

We hope you find this series to be useful, inspiring, and cathartic. If you do, please consdier sharing it with your team, your staff, and your members. Post it on social media or send it to your newsletter.

If you have anything you’d like to share with Kali and I, or ideas for future videos, you can send me an email: [email protected].

Thanks for watching.

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