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How did I get here?

04 Oct 2010

If a “career” is the sum of the activities which make up a person’s work history and future, mine is unorthodox, to say the least.

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Coworking Lets Things Happen

22 Sep 2010

Do yourself a favor and watch these two videos ASAP:

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Coworking Day

09 Aug 2010

Last week, Cadu de Castro Alves of Bees Office in Rio de Janeiro (!!!) noticed that it was nearly the 5 year anniversary of when Brad Neuberg announced coworking at The Spiral Muse in San Francisco.

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Thoughts on “Scaling” Coworking

10 Jul 2010

The power of coworking is not in the facilities, because those elements are commodities and have forever decreasing value. Scaling facility up is relatively easy…you can just throw more money at it. And despite how you might feel about funding your efforts, money is and will a...

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