How To Meet Your Coworkers

One of the key elements to a healthy coworking space (and any office, for that matter) is obvious to some, but not as obvious to others: get to know your coworkers!

I noticed a post on a popular forum in Philly (hat tip Sean Blanda) about getting to know your neighbors. When living in a city, knowing your neighbors can be critical to safety and security and is often overlooked. Beyond safety, it can be a lot more fun to know your neighbors – you have to live near them after all!

Interestingly enough, I noticed that the tips could be applied to having better connections to your coworkers and improving your work experience. Translated through the lens of work:

Step by step on how to work in a coworking space / or anywhere in the real world… 

  1. Stop by direct coworkers’ desks and see other office-mates in the hall and start a conversation. Say “Hello.”
  2. Nod and say “Hi” to all people you see on your office.


  1. Say “Hello, my name is__________.”
  2. Be courteous, ask their name also.
  3. Offer information on your life for example “I work at _______.”
  4. Follow up with something like “What do you do?”
  5. Conversation should follow with coworkers like “Where do you live?” OR “Do you have kids?” OR “I get here early as I work on __________. What time do you get here?”
  6. –New relationship established.–
  7. And repeat steps 1-5 on all coworkers.