no doors, no hinges of any kind

my lack of posts for the last couple of weeks is the fault of a)my employer and b)my university. things are leveling out, so real posts are coming soon. In the mean time:

  • working with CM Access on CreativeCamp v2.0 for December 2nd
  • ive got a designer working on my website. phase two is on its way. (phase one was the arrival of business cards)
  • as i mentioned, school is in full swing. and sucks. I’m stuck in classes that are nothing more than busy work, and as you might notice from my lack of post, i barely have time for REAL work…so busy work is tough to pencil in. luckily, some reasonable people at drexel are actually listening to my issues with the program (which will be outlined a post to come)
  • happy cog philadelphia, eh? thats bound to stir up the local industry

all of these topics will be expanded in the near future. promise promise promise.