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Listen to The Coworking Weekly Show! Here are the first 3 episodes.

I’ve been working on something new for you! People tell me all the time how valuable it is when I’m able to expand the lessons that I share about coworking, community building, and collaboration, and go beyond my own perspective. I’m lucky enough to have some really, REALLY smart friends who inspire the crap out… Read more »

What to do when people in your area don’t understand coworking

“We’re having a really hard time getting traction with our coworking space. Coworking is just so new here, and people don’t really understand it.” If I had a nickel for every time I got something like this in my inbox, well damn, I’d have a LOT of nickels. Everywhere in the world, even in places where coworking appears to be “taking… Read more »

Conversation Therapy

Think about the last person you met, or were introduced to. Maybe they were a new member of your coworking space. Or they were a new perspective client. Or an attendee at a meetup or event. Can you remember your first 5 mins of conversation with that person?  How much detail was worth remembering? One… Read more »