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Hi, I’m Alex.

I build communities, started one of the longest running coworking communities in the world, write a crapload of words every day, tweet a little too much, coach people to be the best version of themselves possible, can't stop learning new things, and do my very best not to take myself too seriously.

I have one goal: to fill the world with truly excellent collaborators so we can all work together, better.

Because let's be honest...most of us aren't very good at it.

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Videos & Interviews

Below, you’ll find a selection of video interviews and talks that I’ve done through the years…including one special video down at the bottom.

I answered 3 questions submitted by Coworking Space attendees:

  1. What are the top ways to build community?
  2. How can I promote my coworking space?
  3. What should I do if my coworking space isn’t profitable yet?

Opening remarks for Coworking Spain 2015 conference

Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields

Workshop (for freelancers)

Product People TV w/ Justin Jackson

What is “The Experience of Community?”

QC Merge Closing Keynote “Where does community come from?”

TEDxSoMa – Where are my people? Finding your tribe where it’s least obvious.

Fight For Your Right to Party

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