This is the weekend to end all weekends.

I’ve recently turned a quarter century old, and decided that it’d be appropriate to spend the weekend with good friends and full of debauchery!

The weekend begins…well…NOW, as Tara Hunt (of Citizen Space) and Matthew Wettergreen (of Caroline Collective) are both moments away from arriving in Philadelphia. There will be wining. There will be dining.

But the rest of you can join us throughout the weekend:


In a 30-second speed-dating style meetup hosted by Strands and IndyHall, you’ll have a chance to meet some of your future party-going comrades. Led by Drew Olanoff and myself, this is bound to be a good time. Come, enjoy, make friends. 6:30-7:30pm, Saturday August 30th, at IndyHall. Let us know if you’ll be joining us with your RSVP system of choice: Facebook & Upcoming.


This party is not to be missed. We’ve all worked hard to get where we are, and one year after our grand opening, we’re celebrating with: EVERYBODY!!! Starting at 6pm on Sunday, August 31st, we’ll be taking over Triumph Brewery at 2nd and Chestnut. There will be food. There will be drinks. There will be celebrations. This party is not, I repeat, NOT to be missed. Come meet the IndyHall community, come meet your neighbors, come meet our out of town visitors. Maybe even some celebrities. Internet or otherwise. Alexis Bledell came to the Caroline Collective opening in June, so hey…anything could happen.

We’ve got visitors coming from all over the country for this one (Matthew and Tara didn’t just drop by for my birthday, after all). Please, don’t make me beg. Come to this party.


It’s been promised that there will be at LEAST one game of Werewolf this weekend. If at no other time, it will take place AT IndyHall after the party at Triumph. Why are we playing Werewolf? Because Geoff is addicted and it’s a sure fire way to attract a certain Vaynerchuk.