WARNING: This post contains extreme abuse of twitter lingo like “@replies and DMs”. Generally speaking, I’m opposed to this sort of language, however…the service is cool and I wanted to share it.

Back when the ‘track via SMS’ feature was still enabled on Twitter, I honestly did not use it…I didn’t find myself with a burning desire to keep an eye on any particular keywords. Since then, my use of twitter has increased, and my reliance on it for communication has changed. I won’t say it’s gone up or down, but the way I use it is certainly different.

I find myself checking Summize/Twitter Search much more often for ‘@replies’ to my username and IndyHall. The biggest reason that I rely more on replies via Search is because I don’t follow everyone who follows me. Not because I’m a hater (far from it) but because Twitter is completely USELESS to me with that many people in my timeline. But I’m increasingly disappointed when I miss replies from people who can’t direct message me since I’m not following them back, especially when I’m away from my computer.

So, with Summize being acquired and energy going into the development of the Twitter Search API, I was stoked to see a really great project announced on the Twitter developer list: TweetTrak.

Functional and still low to the ground, TweetTrak uses the Direct Message -> SMS capabilities of Twitter + the search API to return tracking-style information via SMS, with a simple toggle command to turn it on and off.

The new features that are mapped out for the next iteration are smart, too: user ignore, and a control panel to set up your tracking terms (I imagine this will act a lot like Google Alerts, which I also love and use).

So while this entire system still relies on a system that occasionally lags (Twitter’s SMS and the recently acquired Summize), this is the best stop-gap we’ve had since Summize itself, and I welcome it with open arms, especially with all of the conference going I have lined up.

Check it out, and be gentile! And this should probably go without saying: make sure you have unlimited SMS if you’re doing ANYTHING with Twitter via SMS. Don’t be an idiot.