And now that we’ve got the spam removed from my blog, it’s time for some proper self-promotion!
If you’re reading this on my site, you’ll notice the first and only banner I’ve ever put on here…why would I do such a thing? Could I possibly be getting that greedy?
Absolutely not! I’m excited to share that not one, but TWO of the products that have been developed at IndyHall are included in a really great bundle of Mac software being sold by MacUpdate (referral link!) for the next 2 weeks.
How awesome is that? You can snag a license for RipIt, Multiplex (RipIt’s best friend), Parallels, Tech Tool Pro, and 7 other world class Mac apps for less than RipIt + Multiplex alone?


Even if you already have license for RipIt, Multiplex, or both, you can benefit from the other 9 apps… and you can share the extra licenses with a friend. Who will soon be a very good friend indeed! The IndyHall Labs crew teamed up with the good folks at MacUpdate to present an amazing bundle of great Mac apps — worth over $500 in total — for just $49.99. But only for a short time.

Grab your bundle quickly! (please, use our affiliate code, it helps us a lot!)

This bundle also includes titles like MoneyWell, Posterino, and the wildly celebrated Parallels (you know, that thing that lets you run Windows INSIDE of Mac OS X)!

Why buy this bundle (besides your love for supporting great Philadelphia tech)? We’ve thought of a couple of reasons for you:

1) To justify finally snagging a copy of Multiplex to manage your ripped DVD collection: Whether you already own a copy of Multiplex or not, the other apps in this bundle are too good to pass up at this price. Even if you’ve got BOTH, DVDRemasterPro is worth the price and fits great in the RipIt/Multiplex workflow for getting your movies onto other devices like your iPhone, AppleTV, etc.

2) Fresh gear for your Applications folder: This bundle is full of apps for all occasions! From OS Virtualization (need to test in IE6 or run QuickBooks for Windows?), to designing postcards and picture frames for your relatives, to having some hard drive diagnostics and repair software on hand for “uh oh” moments, to blowing off some steam (by killing space monsters)!

3) Gift season is coming up! Ok…so the holidays are still a few months off, but there’s nothing wrong with Christmas in May! Go ahead and give this bundle as a gift. Trust us. We PROMISE you that the Mac Nerd you love will love you back.

So go ahead, act now (while supplies last), and help us spread the word about this great deal by sharing THIS LINK:

I thank you kindly, honestly, and deeply from the bottom of my heart for supporting our endeavors at IndyHall in bringing finely crafted Mac software to your desktop.