I recently found out about an open source OSX App called Precipitate via Viddler’s Brandice, via Viddler’s Colin Devroe. The original app was created by Stuart Morgan, who I can’t find a freaking thing about except that he participated in last year’s “Google: Summer of Code”. Stuart, if you’re out there, drop me a line. I wanna thank you personally for this app and keeping it open source.

Precipitate is a simple prefpane that, once installed, regularly scans your Google Documents repository for a given Google account (only supports one at a time, right now), and makes those documents available in OSX Spotlight searches.

My only complaint: I’m working in a lot of docs that are changing regularly, so the built in “scan for new/changed files every 60 minutes” interval was too long.

Luckily, as I said, it’s open source. So I pulled down a copy, started poking around Xcode, and found the interval and switched it to every 3 minutes.

I had some compile issues due to a whacked out dev environment, but with the help of Dave Martorana (of MultiFireFox fame) got it compiled and it’s now been running and scanning every 3 minutes.

My version (changing less than a single line of code) is available on my S3 Account, as “Precipitate More Often“. The license is the same as the original. The entire codebase is the same as the original, with the exception of the interval.

Download NowPrecipitate More Often 1.0

Hope you enjoy.