I’ve realized something important. The number one killer of the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t a lack of funding, a lack of know-how, a lack of resources, and it’s certainly not a lack of desire or passion. With all of the gloom and doom about the economy, we’re lucky to have smart people around to remind us that constraints are a good thing, since they force us to focus and use what we do have with the greatest deal of efficiency. With the right frame of mind, constraints help remind us what we have in the first place.

The number one killer? Ourselves.

We are our own worst enemies.

It’s freaking HARD to step outside of yourself and determine step one, regardless of the constraints (natural or artificial). Mentorship is, as I’ve written before, an important core concept. But sometimes, it’s not quite mentorship you need. It’s a someone to point you down a path and give you the kick in the ass you need to get going.

That’s why I’ve launched Unstick.me – That thing you need to get going again.


This is my own first step into “micro-consulting”, with a focus on something that I’ve gotten really good at and most importantly, really enjoy doing: helping others through the thought process and decision making to reach the necessary first or next step to just do something.

The model is simple: you schedule an hour with me, we each do a little bit of homework before hand, and then we spend that hour talking through your sticking points. By the end of the hour, you’ve got the loving kick in the ass you need and at least one actionable step down your road to recovery from being stuck. Think of it like therapy, without me ever asking “How does that make you feel?”.

There’s only one service on the menu, and it’s $240.

In case it’s not 100% clear, the action item is the value proposition. Potential side effects may include validation, support, and encouragement.

The End is Near

Dramatic, huh? I mean the end of 2008 is near. That means three things: holiday gifts, new years resolutions, and tax writeoffs!

cancun-ugly-sweater-party-122The perfect gift for your entrepreneurial family member or significant other: this really IS the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve all got someone we love that’s as passionate as all get out but can’t seem to put their first foot foward. Buy them an Unstick.me consult. It’s way better than a sweater.

Set a resolution worth keeping: 2009 is just around the corner, which means fresh starts. Get unstuck this month so you know what your resolution should be, and how to keep it.

There’s nothing like writing off progress: If you’re an independent or small business owner, December means you’re looking for last minute write offs. Well, consider this “professional development” and is a qualifying write off! There’s only a few weeks left in 2008. Hop to it.

More to Come

As with everything I do, this is a work in progress. After all, wouldn’t it be funny if I got stuck unsticking?

I’m so happy. I made it through an entire post without mentioning Twitter.