still a bit of work to do (clean up wiki styles, style/brand the forum, load FAQs and a tutorial, and get the php mail() function turned on), but since the press and other advertising means are about to take a spin through their material, it made sense to go live a bit premature and clean things up between now and the event.

oh, right, the event.

On September 25-27, 2006, 150 of the world's top advertising creatives will join 35 of America's foremost thought leaders in business, entertainment, science, technology and the arts in a challenging and compelling exchange of ideas.

Yep, thanks to the powers that be I got the opportunity to design (with their help) and develop a feed aggrigator for the Inspiration Festival home page (as well as some subsidiary informational pages).

Working with Chris and Tara has been a pleasure so far, and I expect our conversations and experiences to extend beyond this project. Cheers!

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