…and the little pieces that splatterd on the wall spelled out a “inspiration”.

A story submitted to digg brought me to a page called Imagining the 10th dimension. A guy named Rob Bryanton wrote a book that explains his own theory of reality…which he claims is quite different from other physicists. At any rate, the main function of this website is to step through each dimension, from 0 to 10, and explain how they relate to one another. I have to say, while it started to get very complicated Rob, whom i presume was doing the narration (or at least scripted it) did an incredible job of describing each movement. The most incredible part for me was probably the level of inspiration that came from the description of the 10th dimension, and why we cannot move past it: without giving too much away, the 10th dimension contains ALL possibility. Sounds like a sweet concept for a brand, dontcha think? Maybe its a good thing that I havent had a chance to move forward with the “we know html” brand….we’ll see what i can come up with from there.

Oh, one more thing of note, the experience on this website is one of the most clever and clean flash implimentations i’ve ever seen (thats not to say others ive seen are not clever nor clean, but not many fall into BOTH categories). Some of my favorite features are the “swing in” left nav and the progress indicator which displays which dimension you are learning about. Please take some time to check the whole thing out, and if you can, hop over to the digg story and give it a digg.