The geek shall inherit the earth

Reposted from, since I know not everyone here keeps up on that site as well.

IndyHall and a number of other (but hardly all) of the members of the fabulous geek scene we’ve been a part of over the last 2 years got a really great FRONT PAGE feature in this week’s Philadelphia Weekly. The author, Steven Wells, did a great job capturing some of the diversity that makes Philly’s geek scene totally kick ass. There are some great quotes from Geoff and I, as well as a comparison to a sage Yoda and an impulsive Luke Skywalker. I don’t think anyone’s ever pinned Geoff and I so well.

It’s on newsstands around Philly all week, so if you want a hard copy grab yours now.

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed to, led, supported, and cheered along with us over the last couple of years.

Geeks rock, and Philly geeks rock hard. Congrats Philly.