A verbatim conversation, copied right out of Adium, with Jesse about making it easy to sign up for a website.

Jesse: You know, I really love the simplicity of Posterous.  I may start using it. Alex: its sllick Jesse: Yeah.  The no signup is the best non-feature around. Jesse: Oh and they allow custom domains.  Didn’t even realize that. Alex: mmm nice Alex: ive got a devils advocate argument about the “no signup necessary” workflow Alex: it plays into low-impact workflows, too, like openid/facebook logins Alex: clearly, you and i benefit Alex: but from a business standpoint, the ratio of dead accounts goes through the roof Alex: so you can report users as an astronomically high number Alex: but active users as a comparison looks bad, and on a business model, thats bothersome. Alex: not insurmountable Jesse: That’s very true.  I do like how it gives me instant gratification but then allows me to come sign up.