Today, 8/10/08, marks the 1 year anniversary of Geoff and I signing the lease and acquiring the keys to the office at 32 Strawberry street that myself and a few dozen others have come to fondly call home. That home has allowed for the cultivation of one of the most exciting and impactful communities I’ve had the privileged of being a part of.

In less than a week, it will be the two year anniversary of the first time I blogged about coworking. (note that in that post, I hyphenated co-working. ha!). That’s right. Two years.

I’ve been talking about coworking in Philadelphia for longer than Snakes on a Plane has been out.

I talked about coworking in Philadelphia before Steve Irwin passed away.

I was still in school when I started down the path of founding IndyHall.

Longer than Viddler has been publicly available.

A year and a half’s worth of Juntos.

Two SXSW‘s, both times changing my perspective on an industry and opportunity.

Longer than most of you have been twitterholics.

Longer than John Gruber has been avoiding me.

The last 24 months feel like a blink of an eye.

I’ve been talking about this coworking thing for a long time, but I’ve been immersed in it the whole time, not just talking about it. Action has been everything. My inability to sit still has been my greatest asset.

Thank you to everyone who’s inspired and encouraged me. This past year has been truly astonishing, and I’m so proud and thankful to be surrounded by so many brilliant, motivated, hard working, and life-loving individuals.

It wasn’t easy.

In retrospect, it seems easy, but it wasn’t easy. I gave up a lot. I’ve turned almost every aspect of my life upside down. Each step of the way, no matter how difficult, came easier and easier because of a combination of fantastic mentors, and trusting myself.

Where will I be in another 2 years? Where will IndyHall be in another 2 years? So long as I keep following my heart and my intution, I’m confident that wherever it is, I will be happy.