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Coworking Leadership Retreats

Warsaw, Poland - November 2019

Three days and three nights dedicated to solving your biggest coworking challenges, led by by Alex Hillman & Adam Teterus from Indy Hall.

When: Friday November 15- Monday November 18
Where: This beautiful mansion in the woods, just 30 mins from Central Warsaw (more photos below)

It’s tough to find a room of your coworking peers where you can feel comfortable opening up about the stuff that’s messy, weird, and sometimes downright scary about our work.

That’s why a retreat like this can be so powerful

Our retreats help you get out of your element and into a setting where you can think clearly and ask important questions.

It’s a time and a place to dig into your hardest questions in a safe, supportive environment; to resolve the problems and concerns that keep you up at night; to set goals and take action on your toughest next steps; to get your ideas out of your head, and into reality.

Think of it like professional coaching in a group setting. The entire weekend is designed to give every participant the space, and the support, that you need to “level up” however you need the most.

In addition to our group work, we’ll make and eat meals together and have plenty of time to relax and bond.

“To have people across the room from you in an intimate setting say “I know exactly what you’re talking about” was something so invaluable. No egos, no sense of competition - the retreat created a genuine support system of people who get it and want to help which lasted long beyond the 3 days together.

My confidence and excitement for operating my space increased tremendously.”

Attendance is limited to just 10 coworking founders/staff members.

Accommodations, food, drink, and transport* from the city to the retreat location on Friday afternoon, and back to Warsaw on Monday morning, are all included in the price!

You’ll also get 6 months of free membership ($300 value) to our private online coworking braintrust with a chat room + monthly video calls to connect with even more of your peers in a supportive setting.

You can pick from one of two all-inclusive early bird prices:

The venue also includes a gym, multiple indoor fireplaces, and a hot tub!

👉 👉 👉 If you’re ready to lock in your spot, email me right now and tell me if you’re booking a single or shared room! 👈👈👈

* this price does not include airfare/train tickets to Warsaw from wherever you call home.

Photos from our 2018 Retreat in Amsterdam

“Thank you everyone for supporting and inspiring! I have a big list of things I want to create and implement. And also this weekend made me realise how much we have created in our first 3 years. So an opportunity to feel proud again!”

“This retreat was far more than just the typical rehashing coworking business issues. We dug deep and got to the root of what makes us tick, why we do coworking and how this work can fulfill us on a deeper level.”

“I came home from this trip with with so many great ideas and action plans to do!”

“It’s such a different experience to a conference! We were only together for a weekend, but it felt like we had a whole week to sit around and bond with people in a very geeky way.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the exact start and end times on Friday and Monday?

Our shared ride(s) to the retreat location will depart between 3-4pm on Friday, and from a central location.

The retreat will officially begin at 5pm on Friday November 15th once everyone arrives!

Then, on Monday November 18th, we’ll depart the retreat location and return to the city for a morning dropoff (exact time can be flexible based on peoples’ flights).

Note: If these times don’t perfectly fit your itinerary, but you really want to participate in the retreat, drop me an email and let me know. We can try to figure out a way to make it work!

How exactly will the “programming” go? What should I expect?

This is, of course, is the biggie!

Over the last few years I’ve become a HUGE fan of group coaching as a way to help people solve problems and plan for success…almost more than 1-1 coaching.

In the group coaching format we’ve developed, each person gets a turn in the “hot seat” for a specific block of time. While you’re in the hot seat, 100% of the attention is on you and your current challenge.

The other participants get to listen in as we dissect YOUR problem or question, evaluate YOUR options and next steps, and come up with YOUR action plan. Everyone can also chime in to help ask clarifying questions, and even offer suggestions (with an important caveat: their suggestions can only come from their personal experience e.g. “when I had to solve that problem, I did XYZ.”)

After running a few of these sessions, I noticed something unexpected: the people who aren’t in the hot seat often get as much (sometimes more!) value from the discussion.

  1. Sometimes you realize that the problem another person is working on is a problem you are facing as well, but you weren’t sure how to articulate it.
  2. Other times you can learn to avoid mistakes entirely, just from hearing another person work it out.

Either way, each time a new person takes the hot seat, it’s very common that the entire room benefits. You often learn things you didn’t specifically know you needed to learn, but are very glad you did. That’s not something you can get out of 1-1 coaching.

For this retreat, this structured group coaching format is essentially the “skeleton” of the schedule.

Breaks can include going for walks through the property to playing games together.

Of course, with a group this size we can also adapt and adjust a bit, especially if there are specific things that people would like to do outside of this structure.

Have another question? Ask away!

If you’re not totally sure that this is right for you, or have any other questions, I’m here watching for your replies.

Any questions? Drop me an email: [email protected]