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Here's what I'm working on!

It’s really tough for me to answer the question “what do you do?”

The short but deeply unsatisfying answer is “I am an entrepreneur.” A longer, but less accurate answer is “I run my own business” because in fact, I earn my living in a bunch of different ways. No two work-days are identical for me.

So here’s a sampling of what I might be working on during any given day.

Indy Hall

This is probably why you’re on this site to begin with.

I founded the Indy Hall community in 2006, and in 2007 opened our original coworking space with my biz partner Geoff DiMasi and our 22 founding members. Since, we’ve grown to a community that includes hundreds of freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and remote/mobile workers.

While I have an awesome team that welcomes and supports our community, and keeps the day-to-day operations of our coworking space running smoothly, I’m still very actively involved in leading the business and community of Indy Hall.

If I’m in Philadelphia and working, there’s a good chance I’m at Indy Hall.

It’s my favorite place to do ALL of my work, and the people are just the best best best.

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10k Independents Project

This project, which I originally published as a kind of manifesto in spring 2019, is becoming the “north star” for my days to day work at Indy Hall.

If you have 30 minutes to read the manifesto, you can do that here.

You can also watch/listen the initial Indy Hall Town Hall Discussion about the initiative here:

If you’re interested in collaborating towards this goal, drop me an email [email protected].

And if you’re interested in following along, you can sign up here for updates.

Coworking Braintrust

Stacking the Bricks

Since 2009, my friend Amy Hoy and I have been teaching fellow creative people lessons from how we started and grew our businesses.

Stacking the Bricks is where we share those lessons. It’s a lot like what I share here on my site, but way more focused on business and marketing! Amy is a far more prolific writer on that site, but I’ve contributed my share.

In addition to our free articles, podcasts, and workshops we offer a range of books and courses that help creative people ship their work, as well as expanded business training and coaching.

30x500 - “What if you launch a product, and nobody buys?”

Our flagship course, 30x500 help hundreds of people every year to start selling their own products online and we estimate our alumni collectively generate an excess of $30,000,000 annually.

Unlike Indy Hall, I tend to do more “behind the scenes” work on Stacking the Bricks including the design of many of our course exercises. I also design and run all of our marketing automation systems.

Changing Gears - “What’s it really like to start selling products?”

One of our newest projects is Video Series produced in collaboration with our friend Mojca Zove.

Each episode documents the process - in real time! - of her making the transition from selling hourly/project services to selling products of her own.

Mojca’s doing ALL of the video production here (in addition to working on her business), and it’s a real treat to follow along. If you tune in, you’ll find me as a regular guest star coaching her along in the process.

Travel Food

This is my newest addition to the project plate!

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel with a professional chef?

Well, let me tell you…it’s awesome.

My wife Patterson Watkins is a professional chef and freelance recipe developer, so whenever we travel, food and drink are our #1 priority.

She does tons of research before we even get to a new city, aggregating recommendations from the most reputable sources on the internet as well as sleuthing out hidden gems with her own independent, chef-y instincts.

All told, we have a curated collection of over 1200 of the best places to eat, drink, and hang out in 20+ all around the world.

And now, you can go on your own food adventures and eat like a chef using our guides!

Each city has a curated guide for 24 hour and 48 hour visits (only have a day or two? these are the spots you cannot miss), as well as an expanded “full belly” collection to keep you busy (and well fed) for a whole week or more.

You can currently buy our guides for Chicago, New Orleans, and Portland Maine.

Our first international guides are coming soon, including Tokyo Japan, and Mexico City Mexico!