Hiring sucks. Finding great people for your team is tough in any industry, but staffing your coworking space is extra tricky.

Most potential candidates have never run a coworking space before, and many spaces I talk to struggle with staff retention while their teammates aren’t really sure what job they were hired to do.

My take on hiring for coworking has always been a little bit unusual, but with our most recent hire we had a few specific goals as we work to be more diverse and inclusive:

  1. how do we reach a wider audience of potential candidates than ever before, including people who don’t know coworking is even a thing?
  2. how would we narrow that larger list of applicants in a way that is in line with our values?

Another challenge is that most people who hire say that they’re lucky to get 10% viable candidates from any job posting.

Meanwhile, our hiring techniques brought in over 70 applications…with 90% or more of them having potential. Clearly we had figured something out!

So when friends at Habu reached out and offered to co-host another webinar, I offered to dive deep into these questions and share as much as possible about what we learned!

If you find this session useful, make sure you check out Habu’s growing collection of webinars & interviews with some of the best folks from across the wide world of coworking. 

In the recorded talk below, you’ll learn how and why we’ve completely flipped the typical hiring process on its head to avoid the most common challenges, and how you can use our techniques to get better candidates yourself.

And for the first time, I go into specific details including the exact communication, outreach, forms, tools and email scripts our team used to get feedback along the way, including multiple people who we declined saying ‘this was the best decline email I’ve gotten, EVER.’

Whether you’re looking to hire your first employee, or looking for better practices as your team grows, there’s something in this video for you.

Download the resources shown in the video!

Resources for hiring your next teammate

In this free resource pack you'll find:

  • Example accept and decline emails for each stage of the hiring process.
  • The full list of questions from our application
  • Examples of community outreach
  • How we describe the experience of working in our coworking space
  • ...and more!
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Big thank you again to Ryan & the team at Habu for organizing this webinar – make sure you check out their other webinars & interviews with some of the best folks from across the wide world of coworking!