Working with the team at Red Tettemer has been about seeing the “little things”.

Today I decided to add one of my own little things by replacing the typical Lorum Ipsum that we splatter across our web pages before we get content for them with something a little more…infectious. I mean entertaining. I mean fun.

The Song That Doesn't End

Since we use Textmate whenever we’re not elbows deep in Flex Builder, it seemed like a quick and obvious place to start, creating a Textmate Bundle that adds the Tab Trigger for the word “ipsum”.

Simply download and install this bundle, which I’ve decided to name BetterIpsum, and try it for yourself. Never more be plagued by barely pronounceable latin garble, and instad, get a tune in your head that you won’t be able to get out.

I’m thinking about creating a TextExpander version of this to make it less IDE dependent, but only if people are having as much fun with this plugin as we are at Red. And if there’s a way to do this for Photoshop (macros, I suppose?), I know our designers would love it as well.