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twittering from SXSWi08

I just stumbled across this link through the halls of Twitter this morning; the link is a wiki where someone who will be attending SXSW in a couple of months can post their twitter account. I could be totally off my rocker, but this seems totally silly since last year, nearly EVERYONE was on Twitter… Read more »

another reason my blackberry kicks ass

our comcast modem took a dive this afternoon, leaving us with a couple of open wifi networks that barely provide enough bandwidth to check email. luckily, my blackberry pearl can be a bluetooth tethered modem for my macbook pro, providing me with a slow but stable internet connection, surprisingly better than the wifi that I… Read more »

what's it like to be in my shadow?

I’m watching my newsreader this morning, and it looks like microsoft is getting swept into the shadows once again. With the impending release of the Zune, Wii, and Playstation (in that order, if i’m no mistaken) the gadget with the most realistic chance of being able to touch RIGHT NOW is getting the least press…. Read more »