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More Like This, Please

Posts like these give me hope that Philadelphia’s startup community has a chance to be something special. The Jack White School of Business I’m noticing that the guys behind the blog that covers the Philly Startup Scene tend to have a better grasp on business fundamentals than some of the “startups” included in their coverage. I’m… Read more »

DesignPhiladelphia Design Intervention

I’m a huge fan of disruption. Disruption, the good kind, is that experience that makes you turn your head, question where you are, why you’re seeing or doing what you’re doing. There’s usually an element of curiosity to it. In the best cases, there’s an element of participation. P’unk Ave, with support from Indy Hall,… Read more »

It’s harder to think that way

…you have to build up the reasoning from the ground up from first principles, as in the phrase that’s used in physics. So you look at the fundamentals and construct your reasoning from that and then see if you have a conclusion that works or doesn’t work. And it may or may not be different… Read more »