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Listen to The Coworking Weekly Show! Here are the first 3 episodes.

I’ve been working on something new for you! People tell me all the time how valuable it is when I’m able to expand the lessons that I share about coworking, community building, and collaboration, and go beyond my own perspective. I’m lucky enough to have some really, REALLY smart friends who inspire the crap out… Read more »

Why do some freelancers work out of cafes vs. coworking spaces (and vice versa)?

The short, two part answer is loneliness + context. A cafe is great for getting out of the house, which many people find a necessary exercise to maintain sanity, comfort and routine. Cafe culture – especially with the ubiquity of wifi – provides some consistency of a “third place” (not home & not workplace) to… Read more »

Behind the scenes of a front-page Biz Journal interview, “Coworking: Any old space won’t do”

I have a love/hate relationship with the press, especially when it comes to coworking. Mostly because I know what’s NOT in the story. On one hand, I can’t imagine a world where coworking’s increasingly mainstream presence could’ve happened without articles in mainstream press like the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Wired Magazine. On the other hand, these same… Read more »