Our New Website. For Indy Hall, By Indy Hall.

What do you think about when you look at the website for your coworking space?

What do your members, and prospective members, think about when they look at your website?

Over this past year we’ve taken a lot of inventory of how our community has grown and matured, and along the way we realized that our website didn’t do a very good job of communicating it anymore.

A lot had changed in the 3+ years since we designed and launched the last one! Our members have become the dominant voice of Indy Hall, not me. And many of the photos we were sporting were from our original space, and we had none of our new expansion.

So we sat down with two objectives for a redesign:

1) Refresh the website to accurately and honestly reflect who we are and what it’s like to be here.
2) Have a website that was co-created by the members. Their thoughts. Their ideas. Their words.

“What does a coworking website need to accomplish?”

With these objectives, we spent 4 evening sessions in August brainstorming with about 2 dozen of our members from various disciplines, including many who have never designed or built a website before.

We asked ourselves, “what does a website for Indy hall need to accomplish?”

First, a website is informational, of course. There were certain basics that couldn’t be omitted. But we challenged ourselves to think about why we would decide to keep one part of the site but not another.

We determined that beyond information, the purpose of our website was to be an invitation. 

Co-creating an invitation.

From there, we set out to write copy, shoot new photos, and make the simplest version of our web presence that accomplished our goals. Every photo, every line of copy, was written by our members (except for one line that we lifted with permission from our friends at The Workbench in Sydney).

We launched today, at http://indyhall.org.

Though we’re far from done, we’ve accomplished a lot – not just by launching a new website, but by having our members voices further become the voice of Indy Hall.

After all, that’s always been the voice that attracts more new, wonderful members to our community.