The Hometown

I. Love. Philadelphia.

I didn’t always love Philadelphia. I liked it just fine, but it wasn’t home. It wasn’t my home.

Then I started the community building process that eventually became Indy Hall. My like turned to love, and every year for the last 6 years has grown stronger.

There’s a difference between pride and love, though. I’m not always proud of Philadelphia. Sometimes it’s straight-up hard to be proud of Philadelphia.

But when I am proud of Philadelphia, the things I’m most proud of are always the results of amazing community-powered efforts.

Helping Build Communities Elsewhere

In addition to the community-building work I’ve done here in Philadelphia, I’ve supported and advised communities – coworking spaces and otherwise – around the world. It’s truly remarkable to visit a place and have them refer to Philadelphia as their inspiration.

There’s an important difference, though. The people I meet in cities that admire Philadelphia admire it without wanting to be it. They admire that Philadelphia has it’s own personality, it’s own culture, it’s own sense of self.

People in other cities who admire Philadelphia admire it because they, too, strive to make their city to be a better version of itself rather than competing with other cities for attention.

When I see that, and I hear that, it makes me proud to call Philadelphia home.

Building Better Communities for Philadelphia

Currently, I have students enrolled from around the world in the September Community Builder Masterclass. 4 in Australia. Italy. England. Jacksonville, Florida. Bozeman, Montana. Albuquerque. Miami. Austin. Detroit. 

And just one dude from Bucks County.

Zero people from Philadelphia. That’s not cool.

I’ve said that Indy Hall isn’t just a coworking space & community in Philadelphia, it’s a coworking space & community FOR Philadelphia.

I really want to help build more communities FOR Philadelphia. Not just coworking spaces, more badass communities and spaces of all kinds.

I’ve given advice over the years, but I want to make October the month of Hometown Community Builders.

I want a statistically significant percentage of the people enrolled in the October Community Builder Masterclass to be in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Hookup

I know that there are people in this city who want to do things with and for their communities. I meet them every day.

Many of them are doing AMAZING things already, but I worry if it’s sustainable for them, and for their efforts. I know a lot of community champions who are almost always on the brink of burnout, or worse, who cyclically burn out only to go back to the grind and burn out again 6 months later.

And we’ve got a growing network of shared spaces – not just for coworking, but for making, and sculpting, teaching, and learning.

I want to see EVERY one of these efforts succeed, because I know it’s going to make me even more proud of this city.

I can’t be involved with every community building effort in Philadelphia, but I can leave my mark by making sure that everybody working hard to lead their communities is doing it successfully and sustainably.

I want to lower the barrier to the Community Builders Masterclass for my hometown because I know it can make a difference.

4 weeks of intensive community-builder boot-camp will break you of the bad habits that will stop your community in its tracks (or worse, kill you in the long term). You’ll leave with a completely different understanding of what a community really is, and how you can have an impact on it’s existence and growth.

Bonus: The coursework all happens online over email, but you can do the work from Indy Hall for free during the month of October. Yep, this course includes a free membership to Indy Hall for the month of October.

If you’re in Philadelphia and want to take the course in October, you can take it for $750, over 20% off the early bird rate and 40% off the full ticket price.

Email me for a discount code.

ALSO: I’m also looking for a couple of sponsors to help me offer scholarships to people who would benefit from the course but can’t front the cash now. If you’re interested in supporting aspiring community builders in Philadelphia, drop me an email.

C’mon Philadelphia. Make me proud.