More Like This, Please

Posts like these give me hope that Philadelphia’s startup community has a chance to be something special.

The Jack White School of Business

I’m noticing that the guys behind the blog that covers the Philly Startup Scene tend to have a better grasp on business fundamentals than some of the “startups” included in their coverage. I’m guessing it’s a blend of their own savvy, the fact that they’re learning from the successes and failures of industry they’re covering, or some combination of the two.

Either way, TechnicallyMedia co-founder Sean Blanda has a rock-solid post about the things he’s learned about his own priorities in business from musician and creative businessman Jack White.

Blanda focuses on the value of constraints as creative fuel, the importance of taking ownership of your work, and a focus on simplicity. The whole piece is a a worthwhile read, and is peppered with White Stripes videos for extra taste.

Startup Therapy Talks Trust

A new group of Indy Hall members have been self-organizing for the last few weeks for a self-titled meetup dubbed “Startup Therapy”. I’m excited to see what sort of antidote this group is able to provide for curing some of the most troubling issues I (and many others) have with Philly’s startup culture.

One of the members, Brian Glick, penned a brief post inspired by a conversation the group shared at last week’s meeting regarding selling into big companies. He mentions an article with some things to consider when selling to the BigCos. But I smiled as I read the next part:

One thing that this article overlooks (or maybe assumes) is that you need to build personal relationships based on openness and trust.  Big companies are made up of real people.

If you’ve been following along here, I’ve been writing a lot about the importance of trust (1, 2, 3).

Startup trends come and go, but the causes and effects of trust in business are age-old. I don’t think the article assumes anything, I think that on the whole people forget the significant impact of this simple priority. Brian’s attitude towards building trust and authentic relationships is one I wish more people made a part of their public dialogue.

  • Sean Blanda

    Aw thanks. Covering startups while being an actual startup has taught us lots. But we’re still only a few years in here. Lots to learn.