DesignPhiladelphia Design Intervention

I’m a huge fan of disruption.

Disruption, the good kind, is that experience that makes you turn your head, question where you are, why you’re seeing or doing what you’re doing. There’s usually an element of curiosity to it. In the best cases, there’s an element of participation.

P’unk Ave, with support from Indy Hall, is going to be creating Adirondack chairs made out of discarded crate pallets, and placing them in public places with the hopes of people using them to gather and converse. During DesignPhiladelphia, P’unk Ave is going to host workshops to build them. The chairs won’t be bolted down – instead people will be encouraged to move them around.

My hope is that these chairs find themselves into interesting places, scenes, photos, and discussions. I just wish I got to see what these chairs will see.

  • Guamaniac

    Hey, Alex, @guamaniac here…I think this is a fantastic idea and want to participate, in fact I would loooove to bring my totally non-designy geeked out SysAdmin team to come down and create some of these.  We often have pallets delivered from equipment we receive and I’ve always hated that we just tossed them out, what a great idea!  Can you float me some info?  I’m having trouble finding out how to participate!

    Help me @alexknowshtml, you’re my only hope. 

  • alexknowshtml


    Drop @geoffd:twitter a note on twitter or an email – , he’ll be able to help you out!